World Liver Day 2022

World Liver Day 2022: Everything that You Must Know About the Liver

World Liver Day is observed every year on the 19th of April. The day is focused on spreading awareness about liver disease and its prevention. As well as tips for holistic care of the organ.
The liver is a vital organ that helps regulate many major body functions, including digestion, immunity, metabolism, and nutrition storage. It also saves us from toxic substances in our bodies and protects against diseases such as blood clotting or an overly high cholesterol level or high blood pressure.
Did you know; your liver plays a significant role in the overall health of your body? Did you also know that it only has a lifespan of about 20 years and needs to be constantly renewed? The liver is a sensitive organ with several responsibilities in our body. This is why we are urging people to take a step toward treating their liver right and taking care of its health.

Tips To Keep Liver Healthy: World Liver Day 2022

To commemorate World Liver Day in 2022, we have compiled health tips to keep the liver in check. The guide helps in identifying its necessary roles during detoxification and cholesterol management.

World Liver Day 2022- How to keep liver healthy
  1. Eat a Healthy Diet
    A healthy diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and low-fat dairy products. These foods are good for your overall health and can help to protect your liver from damage. Consult a proper nutirtionist who can help you get on a healthy diet.
  2. Reduce Alcohol Intake
    Alcohol can damage the liver in many ways, including by increasing the risk of liver cirrhosis. If you drink alcohol, make sure that you limit yourself to only moderate amounts.
  3. Avoid Cigarettes
    Smoking is one of the biggest causes of liver disease. Smoking also increases the risk of cancer and heart disease, both of which can damage the liver.
  4. Get Vaccinated
    Certain vaccinations are good for your health and can also protect your liver. Check with your doctor to see if any of the following vaccines are good for you: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, HPV (human papillomavirus), meningococcal B, and pneumococcal vaccine (for adults over 65 years old).
  5. Get Tested for Liver Disease
    If you have any of the symptoms that suggest liver problems, tell your doctor right away. They will be able to make a diagnosis and determine the best course of action to help you get well.

What are the Signs of Liver Disease?

World Liver Day 2022- First Signs of Liver Disease

One of the most common diseases in the world is liver disease. Liver disease can affect anyone, but it is more common in people over 50 years old. The following are some signs and symptoms of liver disease:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Vomiting blood or blackish liquid
  • Abnormal bleeding from the stomach or intestine
  • Fatigue or weakness
  • Jaundice (a yellowing of the skin and eyes)
  • Dark circles under the eyes

If you are concerned that you may have liver disease, talk to your doctor. He or she can perform a simple test to see if you have liver damage. If you do have liver damage, your doctor will likely prescribe treatment.

On World Liver Day, let us acknowledge all those with liver disease, who are fighting the good fight and let them know they’re not alone. Let us take the necessary steps and safeguard ourselves from unhealthy habits.

Listen to Dr. Saurabh Agarwal- Gastroenterologist, Nirmal Hospital talk about liver health and its importance in the body. He also discusses several steps to keep the liver healthy and functioning.